in honor of national poetry month

Stay right where you are as soldiers
Not yet old enough to buy cigarettes
But bold enough to burn this system to the ground
Take hold of the wheel and steer it.
You smell that, it’s change.
You fear it.
What’s that sound?
Sounds like the walls of Jericho tumbling down
You hear it.
Smell it.
It smells like revolution.
Like resentment.
Like retribution.
It feels like right.
Like right now.
Like fight now.
Like bullet shells melded to make monuments to movement.
Move with or be moved.
By force.
The correct course of action is plainly apparent.
But sometimes, the child has to teach the parents.
Harsh realities from the mouths of babes.
Lions roaring.
Ignoring decorum in favor of results.  
Never again.
It’s time.
Times up.
Me too.
Black Lives Matter
Do lives matter to you?  

An excerpt of "Young Cubs" by Darius Daughtry