Artist Showcases

Art Prevails Project takes any space and transforms it into a creative art experience for the entire family. These curated “happenings” give rising artists a public platform to perform their craft and reach new audiences, while bringing art to an underserved community.

The Happening June 2017-8.JPG

Community Events

At the heart of what we do is exposing the community to creative arts. That's why you can find our collective at various events, showcases and festivals throughout the community. We believe in the unifying and transformative power of artistic practice and experience. Community-building is at the top of our list of priorities, and we work diligently to create spaces for meaningful interactions.


Critical Conversations

Believing that no change ever occurs without sincere and earnest discourse, we strive to create opportunities for members of diverse communities to dialogue about important issues. However, we know that talk is meaningless without action, so that will always be a charge: what will you do?