Our Mission

Art Prevails Project is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 performing and literary arts organization. We are committed to impacting South Florida and beyond by providing engaging and authentic artistic and cultural experiences through performance and education.  Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach rooted in theatre and creative writing, we strive to entertain, educate, and inspire.


Established in 2015, Art Prevails Project had its actual inception many years before. As a child, our Founder and Artistic Director, Darius Daughtry, learned the powerful impact that the arts can have on a person and community.

At the age of 8, I was given a notebook and a pen and told that my pain and anger didn’t have to stay inside of me.

At that early age, Darius began using poetry as a vehicle for self-expression. As his written rants turned to thoughtful lines, he also began dabbling with acting. Those two art forms help lift him and drive him towards college and beyond.

Recognizing the impact the arts had on his life led him find ways to impact communities with the same gift. After college, he worked with multiple nonprofit organizations as a teaching artist. After a stint in the corporate sector, Darius took his passion for change to public school. It was there that he truly realized the direct impact the arts can have on the lives of young people and the communities in which the reside.

As an educator, he created multiple after-school programs that became same places for youth seeking refuge.

After 10 years in the classroom, Darius spent time was a Program Director for nonprofit organization before answering the call to cast a wider net.

I was doing good work where I was, but I knew there was a greater need that needed that needed tending to.

In 2015, Darius founded Art Prevails Project with a goal of creating a platform that would make art accessible for EVERYONE.


SINCE 2016

  • Facilitated creative arts, poetry and performance workshops/classes to 300+ students in South Florida

  • Staged 5 original theater productions

  • Partnered with impactful South Florida organizations to bring creative arts to various community

  • Performed at 20+ community events

  • Exposed hundreds of residents to creative arts at monthly community showcase

  • Provided platform for 80+ rising performing and visual artists to showcase their work

OUR partners