In a effort to help bridge the artistic gap created by educational legislation and lack of exposure or access due to perceived geographical or socio-economic limitations, we provide quality arts education in the form of workshops, master classes, youth and senior programs, and more. 

We are a part of a Broward County's Cultural Division Arts Education Directory, which highlights teaching artists and community-based organizations and educators who utilize the arts to create quality learning experiences.

Art Prevails Project has produced and facilitated arts education programming for and in conjunction with the following amazing organizations:

Broward Schools

City of Sunrise

Hispanic Unity

HoneyShine, Inc.

Old Dillard Museum

Opa-Locka Community Development Corporation

Spady Museum

YMCA of South Florida


Creative Writing

We teach students the freedom of creativity through the fundamentals of writing, particularly as it connects to identity and self discovery.


Improvisation & Performance

Through scripted scenes, improv, and spoken word poetry, students learn basic acting/performing techniques and gain introductory knowledge of performance disciplines.


Rhythm & Poetry

Our work connects with students through the poetry of hip-hop. We give young people the freedom and tools to tell their stories through music.